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Advantage of Touch50/70 over tablet or ... vice versa

Dear All

My Cerbo is approximately 10 meters to my kitchen and I was thinking to hook up a Touch 50/70 especially when the "heavy" equipment is used (oven, kettle etc). I guess the most useful information would be the total wattage being used as not to trigger an overload.

My question : What is the advantage of a touch 50 over a wall mounted tablet or should I ask rather, will a tablet be better then a touch 50? (or what would you recommend, even if it is something different i.e. a small computer screen with ......). Maybe I can take the tablet with me when on a road trip, so it might be an advantage?

I do all my settings via VRM (phone) or occasionally plugging in the laptop, but I do not think that I will do changes with the touch 50.

Also, as stated above, I would need a external power source as my GX is +- 10 meters from the kitchen. Seeing that I would need a power source for a tablet also.

(it is a 48V system)

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While people extend the touch monitor's 2m cables (not endorsed by Victron), it may not be very reliable and powering it over distance with voltage drop to consider, I'd personally avoid it. Functionally it offers the same rconsole on both, with mobiles etc. just allowing greater mobility unless the tablet remains fixed in its location in the kitchen with the rconsole its only purpose. (You can look up recipies on the tablet and stream videos which the touch does not offer. ;) )

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In your case a remote screen on a tablet would be ideal.

Sometimes the remote screen is disconnected if someone else accesses it from somewhere else. But otherwise I personally have found it useful. You can also log the tablet onto the Cerbos own WiFi so no routing or lag issues.

With the firmware that is in Beta right now the issue of two people accessing at once is being worked on. So that should be sorted in the coming months.

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@Alexandra @ejrossouw

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes indeed, I was also leaning towards the Tablet for the reasons pointed out above.

@Alexandra , thank you for the heads-up regarding the Beta version. This will be a great future.

I might buy a cheap second hand tablet and "stick" it to the wall. I have also seen a few posts (by Guy) with different "flavours i.e. Windows, android, iOS, etc." stating which is best for the Victron software.

Would Android still be the preferred device?

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·
I prefer android personally. But I dont see any disadvantages to other OS versions.

The only one windows has (and i don't know of it translates to the mobile device) is with Victron Connect the bluetooth does not work to connect to devices.

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