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MQTT topics to subscribe to

Hi all,

My system: Victron Multiplus II, 48/3000/32-35 Device id 261

2 x BlueSolar 150/35

#1 - 6 AmeriSolar 330W panels (3S2P) Device id 258

#2 - 3 AmeriSolar 330W panels (3S) Device id 260

1 VenusGX

1 Carlo Gavazzi Energy meter / ET112 Device id 30

2 x Pylontech US2000Plus Lithium Ion batteries Device id 512

Electrical Pre paid meter.

Lots of comm cables between all... ;)

Also have some SCT-013-0000 CT's around feeds, feeding into OpenEnergyMonitor

(For reference I consume these topics on the OEM using the NodeRed deployment, and then publish back to the OEM MQTT broker, which then allows me to graph the values).

Rail #1 Power Comes into Electrical Pre Paid meter, then to Master Isolator, Earth Leakage and then into a 2 source switch (switching between Grid Feed or Geni Feed), Feeds into Rail #2

Rail #2 (Non Essentials): Rail Isolator, Earth Leakage, 40 Amp Stove, 2 x 20Amp, Geyser 1 and 2, 20Amp Pool

Into Multiplus II / AC In

Out of Multiplus II AC Out 1 into -> Rail #3 at <Inverter input>

Rail #3 (Essentials): Rail Isolator, <Inverter input>, Isolator, Earth Leakage, 5 x 20Amp isolators (plugs), 3 x 10Amp isolators (lights)

Things I think want to monitor,

Main Grid (Eskom) input, thinking what ever the ET112 allows through.

Power, Voltage, Amperage Feed per Array 1 and Array 2, and then guess a total combined Input values (Power, Voltage and Amperage)

Power going from Inverter back to Rail #2

Power going from Inverter out to Rail #3

Think then... Total usage... and the composition, total usage = Grid + PV + Battery


Multiplus-IIVenus GX - VGXEnergy MeterBlueSolar PWM
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What’s your question?

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With what I want to monitor... what would be the best topics to subscribe to?


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so at the moment I have the following I've subscribed to... by just digging around and asking a bit, given suggestions by a friend.

Grid supply (assuming this is measure by ET112): N/xxxxx/system/0/Ac/Grid/L1/Power

Output to Rail #3 (Essentials:N/xxxxx/system/0/Ac/ConsumptionOnOutput/L1/Power

Array #1 Power output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/258/Yield/Power

Array #1 Current output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/258/Pv/I

Array #1 Voltage output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/258/Pv/V

Array #2 Power output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/260/Yield/Power

Array #2 Current output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/260/Pv/I

Array #2 Voltage output : N/xxxxx/solarcharger/260/Pv/V

Array Total Power Output : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Pv/Power

Array Total Current Output : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Pv/Current

Array Total Voltage :

(The following come directly from the Pylontech via the onboard BMS interface I understand)

Pylontech Battery Array input/output Current : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Current

Pylontech Battery Array input/output Power : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Power

Pylontech Battery Array SoC : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Soc

Pylontech Battery Array Voltage : N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Voltage

Looking for

How much the Inverter is pushing out onto Rail #2, this with what the ET112 is allowing in I would think should be my Rail #2 usage.

Total Usage I would guess is :

N/xxxxx/system/0/Ac/Grid/L1/Power + N/xxxxx/system/0/Ac/ConsumptionOnOutput/L1/Power + What ever is pushed out onto Rail #2.

Power coming directly from the PV Array I take as N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Pv/Power, then assume this plus N/xxxxx/system/0/Dc/Battery/Power is the combined inverted value, ie I'm pulling a bit from the battery, a little bit from PV and some from the grid...


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hobohome answered ·

There is a very nice open source PC tool called MQTT.fx that has the ability to show you all topics that are available from a broker (topic scan). This is great for finding useful topics.

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Does that work for you ?

All I did was turning on the MQTT Service on my Venus.

Then I started my MQTT.fx and connected to the Venus MQTT Broker.

All I get is the system/0/serial message ...once - if I for example subscribe to "N/f6473bd7384a/solarcharger/258/Yield/Power " nothing happens ...



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The MQTT Server goes to sleep mode after about 30 seconds hence only one message. To get a response for your topic, the N at the beginning needs to be changed to R and then published to the topic: "R/f6473bd7384a/solarcharger/258/Yield/Power"

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