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Victon multiplus & Pylon us5000 issue


I have a victron multiplus 48/5000/70-100 running on Pylon US5000 batteires x 2. We have updated firmware and installed the batteries as per the Victron manual making sure to use the ocrrect bus cables etc.

Our issue is the batteries where charging but now the system has gone into fault mode and displaying GX error #48 DVCC fault.

we have a cerbo GX on site and all was running well then with the extra sun the other day its sent the system into melt down mode.

We also have an external generator and second inverter connected to the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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As per the manual, that is incompatible firmware. Update the inverters, chargers and GX to current code. Something isn't current if you get that error.

Without a wiring diagram and detailed inventory there's not much more to suggest.

(That is not a very neat looking installation)

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yea we didn't install we are picking this up from another installer who is no longer answering the phone. Cabinet for batteries not used, missing parts to star with its been a nightmare.

Victron unit was installed years ago by another installer and its a proper hash job.

Thank you for your help. we will try updating all components again.

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Hi, thanks for info. So i am going to update this tomorrow. I am a bit confused on what i need to connect to the Cerbo GX in order to update it. I have a MK3 ve bus to usb. Do i connect this into the Cerbo GX to update? ALso what software will i need on the PC to do these updates. Thank you in advance.

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The GX can connect to the internet and update itself. Check under the menu settings - firmware -update. Do yourslef a favour and dont leave it on auto update.

Victron connect will be the route to take to update the inverter and MPPT can be done over Bluetooth with a phone if it is a smart mppt

Be aware you will be reprogramming after the inverter firmware update on the inverter.

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