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Cerbo GX manageing 2 pylontech US5000 acting as BMS CAN data node for wakespeed ws500


I am planning a large mobile off grid install and would like to use my 14v 185 amp

euro 5 Van alternator to charge my 2 X Pylontech US5000B useing Wakespeed WS500

I understand that A Cerbo GX is the recommended way to manage state of charge (Soc) for the whole system via VE.CAN (multi plus / Blue MPPT) as far as I can tell Wakespeed is VE.CAN compatible (via protocol translation) can talk to Cerbo GX but can they talk in a master slave config (bms to wakespeed)

in short can Cerbo GX manage a wakespeed ws500 like it manages victron chargers via VE.CAN

I may have to customize a wake speed charge profile for pylon tech cells

thanks for any input i know it a deeply technical question

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Robert avatar image Robert commented ·
Hello, what you modified at your Alternator that the WS500 can regulate this?

I thought the WS500 is a stand alone regulater and it doesn't work with Alternators with internal regulater.

Best regards Robert

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beau-banks avatar image beau-banks Robert commented ·

Hi Robert,

as I understand it the wakespeed ws500 is defiantly a alternator to battery Smart regulator charger that can be programmed with charge profiles for select battery's and BMS look up there website

hope that helps

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Robert avatar image Robert beau-banks commented ·

Hello, thank you. But if it's work with the internal regulater?

The manual said "no".

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Robert avatar image Robert Robert commented ·

I don't think it works with an Euro 5/6 alternator wich is connected to the ECU.

But try please.

I need a solution for my Euro5 truck as well.

Best regards Robert

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hjohnson answered ·

The wakespeed listens directly to the BMS, rather than the Cerbo. But the Cerbo can monitor the status of the Wakespeed.

I have a REC ABMS, a cerbo, and a WS500. The REC puts its requests for power onto the CAN bus, and both the Cerbo and the WS500 pick that up. The Cerbo in turn will direct my Multiplus and MPPTs to try and meet that limit, while the WS500 does its own thing to follow the directions of the BMS.

It should be similar in your configuration, both the Cerbo and the WS500 will get the charg parameters from the BMS, and work with it appropriately.

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beau-banks avatar image beau-banks commented ·

Thanks for the clarification.

I understand it is that wakespeed don't support or have not tested pylontech US5000C Battery level BMS I was hopeing that cerbo GX would be the interpreter/system SOC manager.

I have sent wakespeed an email i will let you know how I get on


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dj-dulux avatar image dj-dulux beau-banks commented ·

@beau banks did you make any progress on this regards WS500 and Pylontech? Some of the documentaion suggests it 'may' work with special firmware in the WS500, detailled in ther Wakespeed-Communications-and-Configuration-Guide-v2.5.0-09.26.2022.pdf document.

I have also just asked the question about the RT12100, which seems to use the same protocols as the other Pylontechs and works good with Cerbo.



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