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Adding extra MPPT and Inverter to EasySolar 24/3000

Hi Everyone, this is my first post here, hopefully, I can find some answers to my questions, any help is appreciated.

I am looking at installing an EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 MPPT 150/70 as this seems to be a very economical system to get started with, but am wondering if it is possible to expand this system easily in the future or not? as this will determine if I go with this initially and then expand as required later, or, use independent components to allow for easier expansion later.

Will it be possible to add another MPPT, and, of a larger size? - Blue/Smart Solar 150/100 for example.

Also, is it possible to add another inverter? - A Phoenix 24/3000 for example.


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JohnC answered ·

Welcome Jesse, and may you continue to visit. And contribute if you see fit.

Adding another mppt is simple, just parallel it in to the existing batt>Easy wiring (at either end), plug the comms cable into the CCGX, and you're done.

Adding another inverter might be done in several ways:

1/ Independently, into separate ac circuits.

2/ Synchronized, into the same circuits. Will require an *identical* Multi to the one the Easy has aboard, matched wiring, etc.

3/ Series, where one inverter feeds the ACIN of a Multi, combining their output.

Thought needed there, but the simple answer is Yes. Independent components rather than an Easy box should cost out much the same, and really is up to you.

I bit-the-bullet and went for an Easy 48/5000, My future is covered.. :)

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Hi John, Thanks for your prompt reply.

I would definitely go for a 48/5000 however, I am using an existing set of batteries so am forced to stick with 24V...

That is good to know it is simple to add an extra MPPT, just to clarify, it is okay to add one of a different size/type ie a Smart 150/100? or does it have to be the same as the one in the EasySolar to work correctly?

Is there somewhere you can direct me to for more information on the different ways of connecting the inverters?

If the second inverter was to be connected separately to different AC circuits would that mean it could be any type of inverter? ie not need to be a Multi or, even a Victron?

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Yeh, aside from my option '2/' there shouldn't be any issues mixing sizes & brands of both mppts and batt inverters. Other brands won't be comms compatible though.

Sorry I can't direct you to a definitive reference. This is really just a collection of ideas, the point being that expansion needn't be feared, just well-considered. Victron official support may not cover some things, and I don't give warranties on my posts either. :)

You may find suitable examples/questions/answers in the inverter topic sections of this forum that are applicable.

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Thanks, I will look through other topics on the forum and see where I get to.

Have a good weekend John.

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Hello @JohnC
A question from me about adding another MPPT to the easy solar gxII.

you say: "just parallel it in to the existing batt>Easy wiring (at either end), "

You mean like I skilfully drew? I'm a compleet newbie.
Thanks in advance

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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ doedani commented ·

Your wiring is sort of correct on the battery side of the mppts, but better to go from each mppt direct to the batteries. Otherwise you have a single set of cables carrying double the current. Each mppt needs its own set of panels. You cannot share panels between mppts.

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better to use a bus bar or Lynx distributor for paralleling to the batteries.
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Whichever is easier and within budget.
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