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Diode Bridge like join 2 Argo diodes to combine 2 large battery strings


I wonder if VIctron , or other third part, has implemented a diode bridge, like a rectifier bridge used in every power supply from AC to DC, but used for other different purpose: to isolate two big battery banks?. Or they are thinking on it?

The question came up because some battery LiFePo4 makers, has a limitation of 4 units in parallel.

We have in a catamaran 2 banks ,one 1200ah , 4 cells, and the other 800ah, 4 cells. We can not put them all together because that limitation. So every bank has different and separate MPPTs, chargers etc, and we can not get it all for all the bank. And besides, the loads are divided between one and the other bank, so there is an asimetric discharge.

But If we put that diode bridge between then , both banks will act as they were two to the same load, and two for all the different sources. But finally , we will got all the capacity together , and not separate.

The bridge can be done with 2 argo fet, one input (all the sources) -to-two ouputs, and conected, to the two inputs-to-one output ( the loads). Each battery bank would be connected to the other 2 conectors, meanwhile the two outputs are connected to the two imputs


THe thing is Argos are limited to 180A, and we will need at least 250A. And besides, we want to get one integrated component, rather than 2 and wire between them.

With this bridge, both batteries are getting power when generated, but they are not galvanically connected. They will act to each other like they didnt stay there . If one is having more than the other, the former is not going to transfer power to the sooner and biceversa. Besides the bridge will ecualize the Voltage and the power to both. The same with the loads.

To have this working , we need a low forward voltage, as argo fet has, with very low, less than 0,1 v. If we use a common rectifier bridge, the voltage would be around 2v or more, so it is too much

Any idea?

thanks BR

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Im sorry but this is not the answer. Cyrix is only a relay. So there is galvanic connection between both contacts when it closes. Thanks
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