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Which Victron design is best suited for dual solar vs grid prioritization

Which Victron schematic and components are best suited for the below situation:

Energy source would be Grid and Solar panels, with lithium batteries to support range of consumption between 2Kw and 3.5Kw output as minimum (sometimes but rarely consumption can go up to 5Kw). Ekectricity is 220V and average ampere consumption is 10A (can go up to 20A).

The preference should be output from the batteries even if there is a grid energy feed, as long as batteries are half full.

The grid electricity is not available at all times so when there is no electricity source from the grid, the consumption should use the batteries until they are fully consumed (or if grid source becomes available, the priority of energy source switches to the grid until batteries capacity become above half (say 60% full).

The solar feed into the batteries will be available all day as there is sunshine most of the day. The panels would be charging the batteries while the they are being consumed to supply electricity to the house. The solar panels do not have the option to supply AC to the house. They are only set to supply DC into the batteries (as long as there is sun light).

All consumption from the batteries DC should obviously go through an AC converter into the house.

Solar panels can have micro inverters integrated with each if this allows the panels to charge the batteries more efficiently.

What are the Victron components needed (including battery consumption and electricity usage monitoring). How many lithium batteries are needed in case 10A are used on average up to 3.5Kw capacity is used (220v voltage is used).

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I think you should read up a little about ESS

Victron has a lot of information on there website so you should look around a little bit

Maby this webinar can help you

The guidelines of this community don't allow for system design questions, so you should contact your aurthorized Victron Dealer.

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