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Cerrnss Chinese battery being mistaken for pylon in settings


I have got a Chinese brand (Cerrnss) 200ah 16s 48v battery that will not fully charge as it has been mistaken for a pylontech battery and is using the hard coded settings. Please read below for full explanation, any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

I can't completely explain why, but the batteries are only being charged to 52.4V

The BMS is calling for 57.0V and so the CVL is 57.0V, the absorb voltage in the Multi RS is set to 56.8V, but it only ever gets to 52.4V

Curiously this is the voltage that Pylon batteries are charged to since they have their own voltage specified in the firmware of the GX, when a Pylon battery is detected.

I wonder if your battery is being mistaken for a Pylon or similar 15S lithium battery, and is therefore having a restricted CVL limit being applied, despite the BMS calling for a higher one.


As I wrote that, I thought to look into the details of the DAWES BATTERY, and saw this:

So that confirms my suspicions!!

The firmware in the GX is mistaking your battery for a Pylon and so it is implementing it's hardcoded voltage limit of 52.4V

I think the best solution for this is to raise a question on the Victron Community forum, or one of the facebook groups, tagging a Victron employee, as it would mean a bug in the FW is mistaking the battery for a Pylon. Perhaps there is a way to force the GX to not think it is a Pylon battery, but that is out of my area of knowledge, I'm afraid.

Keen to hear how you get on though...

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Please just try the search bar. Or even scroll to the next page. The problem and solution is well documented here already.

Batteries aren’t mistaken for a pylon, the bms is programmed to appear as one but adhere to none of their voltages.

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Okay I think I have found the thread but it says I have to modify the venus os script which is well above my skills. Is there an alternative way or are there any victron agents that are able to implement this for me please?

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It is completely unsupported to do this, as Alexandra has said, a bmv is the official way.

I would have words with whoever sold you that battery, they have clearly never tested it on a victron system, and per Victron guidelines are responsible for support being an unsupported battery. I have answered too many of these same issues with the same answer, it’s why it is so important that people do their research.

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Remove the comms cable. And buy a BMV is the only other option.

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