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Multiplus modbus registers power are too slow when written with ess mode 3

Hello Everyone, I have a three phase system with 3 Multiplus II installed. I'm using External control (ESS MODE 3) with a raspberry pi 4 to control the cerbo gx and the Multiplus-II. When I write the charging/discharging power through registers 37, 40 and 41 the Multiplus is taking a good amount of time to excute the desired Charging/Discharging power. Is there a time interval that the Moltiplus modbus communication should follow when writing/reading to modbus register or can someone explain to me how this should work? Thanks in advanced!

Multiplus-IIcerbo gxModbus TCP
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Presume you've seen the 'Response times and ramp speed' section in the 'ESS mode 2 and 3' doc?

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