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Trouble sourcing and troubleshooting GPS for Cerbo GX

I bought a cheap NMEA0183 compatible GPS, and the current GPS location on the map is not updating. My van install location does not have the best line of sight and I am using a USB extension cord as well.

For troubleshooting purposes, how can I determine that the Cerbo is actually seeing the GPS and getting some kind of useful data from it if I just plugged it in directly? A good location on the "set location" screen (mine is off by 2 miles) or just that it shows up in the settings?

I want to confirm that I have a compatible GPS and if not, quickly try some other ones.


As an aside, Victron recommends GPS receivers that I find difficult to source. When I google the model numbers, I cannot find the exact item. Instead, I see several model number variants ranging in price from $40 to $80.

The only verified working products that I found on this forum were:

1) Navilock NL-8022MU USB 2.0 Multi GNSS, See this forum post, $140! (I like that it is a bulkhead install though)

2) Globalsat BU353S4, mentioned in this post, and here, $60

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In your GX device, go to Settings > GPS. It should list the GPS device, provided it is compatible. If there is no GPS detected, then consider it incompatible.

The GPS devices mentioned in the manual are those that have been tested and found to be 100% compatible. But there are many others who do the same. I use a U-Blox 7 (20EUR , maybe 5 years old -


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