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Multiplus 48/5000 switch to "on" via remote console -slow.

Hello there:

It's the winter and during cloudy weather I sometimes turn of the Multi overnight to save a few % of battery.

No problem turning off, but when switching to "ON" using remote console (via wifi access point of the cerbo) there is a 25 second (or so) delay before the multi starts up. I'm sure it used to be pretty much instantaneous - or a least only a second or two.

The system is off grid and the batteries are Pylontech U2000b's

Not a serious problem - just wondering if this is normal?

Firmware of the cerbo is 2.92 and the multi is 430

Any thoughts?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerremote console
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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton commented ·
My 48/5000 is prety much instant, well perhaps a few seconds , after the 5 second VRM timeout. When using the remote console, from VRM, there is a slightly longer delay but in my case that is network speed coupled with the fact that the remote console view is doing more.

In a browser on the local LAN, the Console and a Node red Dashboeard on the Cerbo GX are all but instant.

Is the fact that the power is off perhaps affecting something on your network? Could it be that a load of devices suddenly come alive and try to connect... Perhaps the Multi is on but you are not seeing the updated status!

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton commented ·

Could the inverter startup be briefly pulling he battery voltage low enough to reboot the GX, or some of yiur network kit, which I assume is DC fed.

Is there anything in the logs?

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matt09 avatar image matt09 Alistair Warburton commented ·

Thanks @Alistair Warburton

Where would I find the logs?

I've tried "rebooting" the whole system - ie physically turning the whole system (MPPTs, multi and batteries) off for a while and then restarting. No change - with a good amount of solar feeding in there is still a ca 25sec delay from remote console "on" to the multi coming to life (ie the lights coming on etc).

I don't think it's a network delay - but could be the Cerbo or Pylontech BMS being slow to respond?

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2 Answers
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Paul B answered ·

first thing is fw 430 is very old. update to 501 and see if this issue still occurs.

you should be able to do this on the vrm under device list thgen firmware update.

how ever 430 maybe to old and if it is then a mk3 or mk2 to usb adapter is needed and a laptop

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matt09 answered ·

I finally got round to updating the firmware of the multi, so now have Cerbo on 2.93 and Multi on 502.

There is still a 25-30 second delay from switching "on" before the Multi produces any output.

If it is turned "off" and then "on" again within a minute or two there is no delay.

Just to re-iterate I am accessing the Cerbo through the Remote Console connected to the Cerbo's own wifi access point. So not a network/VRM delay.

There is also some odd behavior from the Cerbo after the Multi comes on: The connection to the wifi access point drops (the house router etc is not on at this point - so no interference) and it seems as if it is rebooting? Not sure what is going on...

Any thoughts? Seems like something is not working as it should, but I'm not sure where to start looking.


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