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Devices not appearing on Victron Connect

Whilst my batteries (Pylon) and Inverters (pair of Multiplus 5000s) appear nicely on VRM (meaning they are correctly networked), all I can ever see on Victron Connect (on iPhone) is my Cerbo GX (I can see this both locally if I connect via bluetooth and also on the VRM tab in VC)

Looking at the lovely screenshots from the product page for Victron Connect, surely I should be able to see at least my multiplus?

At the moment all VC is doing for me is giving me a link to VRM, which I'm sure isn't what its supposed to do?

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Have you got the remote console enabled over LAN?

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jimjimma avatar image jimjimma Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Yes, i have both 'enable two way communication' and 'enable on LAN' checked 'on'.

VRM can see everything, which means the Cerbo can see everything, but only the Cerbo shows up in both the local and VRM tabs in Victron Connect, or directly with Bluetooth.

I have installed Victron Connect on my PC as well - exactly the same issue.

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You should probably watch this video.

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Had a watch - it suggests I connect using VE Direct rather than VE Bus - I'll give that a try.
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What am I missing?

Pylontech and 2X MP not showing up on VC?

That's normal.

You can only see VE.Direct connected devices on VC through the GX Devices tab.

You can't see VE.Bus or BMS.CAN devices on VC.

Per @Matthias Lange - DE 's link:

10.2. Compatibility

The VictronConnect-Remote feature is ONLY compatible with products connected to a GX product with a VE.Direct or a VE.Can-only interface. VE.Can devices that have both a VE.Can AND a VE.Direct interface, must be connected to the GX device via VE.Direct for VictronConnect-Remote to work.

This includes;

  • MPPT solar chargers with a VE.Direct interface (SmartSolar and BlueSolar)

  • Battery monitors with a VE.Direct interface (BMV and SmartShunt)

  • Specific inverters with a VE.Direct interface (Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct and Phoenix Inverter Smart)

  • Specific mains chargers with a VE.Direct interface (Phoenix Smart IP43)

And VE.Can-only devices:

  • Lynx Smart BMS and Lynx Shunt VE.Can

  • Inverter RS, Multi RS and MPPT RS (they also have VE.Direct but must be connected via VE.Can for VC-R)

  • Blue/Smart Solar VE.Can MPPTs – Tr and MC4 models

  • Skylla-i and Skylla-IP44/-IP65 (requires firmware v1.11)

  • Unsupported products:

    • BlueSolar VE.Can MPPT 150/70 and BlueSolar VE.Can MPPT 150/85

    • Lynx Ion, Lynx Ion + Shunt, Lynx Ion BMS 150A, 400A, 600A, 1000A

Products connected with a VE.Bus interface, such as MultiPlus/Quattro inverter/chargers and larger Phoenix Inverters are NOT compatible. However, another feature Remote VEConfigure already exists to configure these products remotely.

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jimjimma avatar image jimjimma commented ·
thanks snoobler - that clears that up - the only way I can use Victron Connect to see/configure Multiplus is with a MK3 on VE Bus - seeing as I have an iphone that makes it impossible.
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