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Inverter mini power cut / power loss for seconds / Ups not working

Good day,

I have a 25kva Generator running a 10kva Multipluss II with 10kwh of battery capacity.

the system has been running ok unto Christmas, (4 weeks)

I have tried to replicate it by starting and stopping the generator and under different loads,

however it seems to happen without any 'Trigger'

I have attached the Excel file showing when the power blip happens i have a loss of data on the Logging on VRM Download.

the generator is used to power the home and when the builders come in the site as well,

however it is only connected via a 32a plug, (and its been working with a current limit of 30a set)

i have the issue sometimes were the ac input is not accepted, even when it is at 52hz and at 233v, however i have linked this to when i do a ve config upload, i have to re-set the ve bus to not have this issue.

batteries are bms connected to the cerbo, and they don't have any issues i can see, I have tried to run the system without the bms connected as well. and have no issues except the 15s power blip, which is still random,

any help would be appreciated, (the attached is all i have been able to get to prove it happens, prior to this I didn't really know if I believed the client)

time today 08.01.23@ 15.41

gen snip 1.PNG

gen snip 2.PNG

gen snip 3.PNG

gen snip 4.PNG

offgridHelpgenerator auto startups
gen-snip-2.png (74.4 KiB)
gen-snip-3.png (77.3 KiB)
gen-snip-4.png (99.1 KiB)
gen-snip-1.png (109.6 KiB)
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nickdb avatar image nickdb ♦♦ commented ·
What batteries are these?

If you connect to the inverter with veconfigure and use the ve bus monitor it may provide more insight into the issue if it is supply related.

Are any errors logged on vrm after the fact or on the GX?

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Matthew Deal avatar image Matthew Deal nickdb ♦♦ commented ·
I did try this as well, the batteries at 100ah 16s top band brand, (connected via can-bus bms)

there is no errors or any think on v.e config I can see as having an affect.

iv just put this down to somthink i can't resolve, and when the equipment is no longer powering the house ill have it home to test, (I wouldn't be surprised if there is something like sudden voltage drop that the inverter don't like)

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nickdb avatar image nickdb ♦♦ Matthew Deal commented ·
You still haven’t said what battery you have.
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nickdb avatar image nickdb ♦♦ klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·

Ohh. Actually calledTop Brand. Who’d have thunk it :)

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nickdb avatar image nickdb ♦♦ Matthew Deal commented ·
That is a big inverter, it needs big power.

It sounds like a classic "not enough battery" scenario, something that is important at grid loss. You can get away with an undersized battery when there is a reliable grid, off grid is less forgiving.

Looking at your site, the battery is limited to 200A max discharge which is well below what is necessary for a 10k inverter.

It also has a low charge rate 100A.

Do you have DVCC enabled?

In this situation if the battery has to sink any power from a load transitioning to off or sees a sudden surge at grid loss (these transients aren't captured by VRM's resolution) then it is likely to cut out.

It isn't easy to diagnose these issues remotely but it does present like a battery/BMS issue.

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2 Answers
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Matthew Walsh answered ·

What are your current grid settings on the inverter? Firmware versions?

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Matthew Deal answered ·

Good Day apologies I did not see you respond,

there is no grid code set, 'feed in disabled' as this unit is completely off grid,

I have since lowered the generators start at maximum load to start when the power draw is just over 1200w (quite annoying as this is a 10,000va multiplus, and has 10kwh of batteries,)

since doing this the power has been stable, however fuel consumption has been high,

the batteries are able and seem happy to give 200ah discharge, and when this happens there is no log of under voltage / dc ripple or overload. (batteries when overloaded shut off usually and need resetting via a button but this hasn't happened with this setup)

if i need ill add another battery or two, but I'm not sure this is the case,

Distance between batteries and inverter is 900mm, cable size is 50mm2 hydraulic crimped connectors.

thank you.

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