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Using 500A Busbar with MEGA fuse holders and ANL fuse holders


I'm finalising my schematic for moving from AGM to Smart Lithium 3 x 200Ah (12V). System also has Multiplus 2000, Cerbo, SmartShunt, MPPTs, additional Phoenix charger, etc. I'm looking how to best create the Positive Main Busbar. Here is the current plan and questions:

- 3x200Ah Smart Lithium connected via individual ANL fuse holders (CIP106100000) to the Victron 500A busbar (CIP100400060). Three connections.

Question: can I fit the 500A Busbar over the bolts of the ANL fuse holders (as Victron shows for the "Modular fuse holder MEGA fuse (CIP100200100))? To avoid a squeezed fit, could use holes 1, 3 & 5 of busbar.

From this Busbar, I would also connect (possibly on the opposite side):

- Multiplus via a 250A or 300A MEGA fuse (max continuous current for Multiplus 2000 is 160A) using the "Fuse Holder for MEGA fuse (CIP100100001)" .

Question: is this OK, or must/should I use instead the (blue interlocking) "Modular fuse holder Mega fuse (CIP100200100)"?

- DC Loads via a Smart Battery Protect 220 - same question as for Multiplus on the use of the fuse holder.

Second Busbar (mainly for Chargers) would be also the Victron 500A busbar (CIP100400060).

Question: can I use the "Fuse Holder for Mega fuses (CIP100100001)" with this busbar?

Last question:

Can I inter-connect both Victron 500A busbars (CIP100400060) using the M10 bolt (i.e. both busbars 'join' at M10 hole and then use the provided M10 stainless bolt or a slightly longer one).

I have considered in some detail using the Lynx PowerIn or Distributor, but I do not want/need any of the negative busbar connections as my boat already has an extensive Negative Main Busbar and I don't want to be cutting and re-crimping over 20 cables!. And the Lynx only has 4 (max 5) studs for Mega fuse connections, and I need more.

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