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Using a smartShunt to parallel 2 batteries?

I have 2 48v server rack batteries (eg4) which I want to wire in parallel to a smartshunt. In the eg4 manual it says not to jumper the batteries in parallel, rather use a properly rated busbar to connect them in parallel to avoid large currents and overheating in the end wires, so I want to try to avoid diagonal method of paralleling.

So my question is this:

In my case because its only 2 batteries, can I just connect the 2 negative wires to the battery end of the smartShunt? Its not 4 batteries which would warrant a whole busbar, really just 2 5 awg wires connected directly to the shunt, using the shunt as a "post"...

I know its kindof "abuse" but is it really necessary for me to add a busbar?

And then while I'm at it, I have the same question for the positive side... Can I just attach the 2 positive wires directly to a t class fuse?

In the continuation of the system I will have of course a lynx distributor, I'm just wondering if I can avoid adding 2 possibly unnecessary busbars to my system...

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I don't see an issue with what you describe.

This would work too:


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I did that at first but then on the EG4 manual they put a specific warning -

WARNING: Do NOT parallel batteries by using jumper wires on the double terminals. This will cause high amperage in the final jumpers and potentially excessive amperage on the battery terminals.

Rather use busbars.

So yes, going to try to use the fuse and smartShunt to parallel them since they're just 2 batteries and not more.


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I got the eg4-LL V2, but basically - yes.
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