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Multiplus shuts still shut off when battery was empty and them 40% full


After grid shuts down, my BDY LVS battery turn to 0% (battery was empty). And the Multiplus turns to default. Then the battery runs to 40% with the 2 MPPT 450/100 (Multiplus still off grid). But the Multiplus was still on default (off). After switch off and switch on the Multiplus was working properly (no more default).

Why the Multiplus did not restarted alone when the battery was recharged at 40 % ?

(the SOC was set at 30%)

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Try having the system shut down at 10% SOC instead of 0%.

Then restart at the 30% or lower if you want to.

You may find the system is going into a fault state rather than shut down on low soc.

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Thank you for your answer.

I understood, but I didn't found how to turn the "system shut down at 10% SOC". Is it in the ESS menu


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It is set on the inverter itself with an mk3.

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