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Three phase Multiplus-II current transformer shows negative AC-IN


I just installed my Multiplus-II's current transformers for each phase and now it shows for L1 and L2 a negative AC-IN. I have ESS and grid feed in is disabled and I dont have solar power coming. How can I have those numbers be positive?



Also Remote Console shows different AC-OUT.


What can I do? Do I need to buy grid meter?


Multiplus-IIESSgridinverter current drawinput current
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Hi Crimu,

what software Version is running on the Multiplus?

I have a meter installed for the grid but since version ...500 i have a massive problem with one of the phases feeding back to grid from the battery. Also the AC Critical Load in the screen of the cerbo is not actualized as it was before (now up to 3/4 Second instead of 0,5 seconds before). One day i had feeding back 5kwh to the grid from battery. Grid Point is set to 50 Watts.

It is also acting in that way when the battery is in Battery Life at Idle. Then it is playing around with getting power from grid and half a second later feeding the same amount back into the grid. Load is stable with about 500-700 Watts over all phases so no big switching loads like washing machines etc..

I flashed my devices twice with the new version but the issue persists. Maybe it's a firmware bug in the Version 500 - perhaps you can aggree with me checking your version.

Regards Thomas

System Details:

3x Multiplus 230V 5000KVA 70A

4x MPPT 250/100

6x Pylontec US2000

1x Lynx Shunt

2x Lynx distribution

1x EM24

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