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Cerbo-s GX + SmartShunt as DC Energy Meter not showing up when selected as Inverter type

I recently added a 2nd SmartShunt to my system on the negative cable between the Lynx Distributor and my SunGold inverter. My understanding was that I could set the SmartShunt to "DC Meter" then select the type as "Inverter" and then when I viewed the VRM portal, I would see a tile for "Inverter" and be able to see what wattage was being drawn from the inverter.

However, after installation and setup, I saw no such graphical tile in the VRM portal. It does show up in the devices list and I can indeed confirm that the shunt is working, wired, and setup correctly. But, there's nothing on the GUI layout.

When looking at the firmware, it shows that my shunt is on v4.09 (yet it also says that the latest firmware is v4.08 - which is very confusing).

Is there some secret setting somewhere that I am missing? What do I need to do in order to get an "Inverter" tile to show up in the GUI of the VRM portal?

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