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MultiPlus 12/1200/50, 12/1600/70 questions

Hello. I'm considering buying MultiPlus 12/1200/50 or MultiPlus 12/1600/70 unit to use as a solution for a power outage and also as UPS, maybe with adding a solar mppt controller in the future.

Before that, I'd like to clarify a few questions.

1. I'm going to integrate the unit into my house wiring with a switch to add or remove multiplus from the wiring if needed.

I know that the unit can passthru grid energy when it's available but the question is - can it passthru power greater than its own, I mean if we are using multiplus which handles 1200w but there is no power outage and it works in passthru mode with my power consumption let's say 4000w?

2. I'm going to use some sensitive equipment like a pump for floor heating and a gas boiler, they require clean sinus output and stable voltage. If we are using these devices in passthru mode using grid, does it mean that multiplus can handle grid issues and replace the power source smoothly?

3. I'm considering using lifepo4 batteries with that unit. Is it fine for that? And if the battery has a max charge current 50A and my multiplus unit is 12/1200/50, that means that 100Ah 12v battery will be charged in 2 hours with that device, but if I'd like to add one more battery with similar specs to double the capacity that means it will be charged in 4 hours. Am I correct?

In that case, should I consider a 12/1600/70 unit if I'm going to use two batteries in parallel?

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Please read this first

1: you can find the datasheets here:

There you will find the rated capacity of the Transfer switch (A)

2: I would suggest using a multiplus II, as it has a build in anti-islanding relay. In case of a grid interruption the multiplus can switch in 20ms but this can be constrained by the grid specifications.

3: please read:

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