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Bluesolar 75/50 faulty/broken after firmware update (error #116)


My MPPT 75/50 (HQ13298TQZ) was working well for about 8 years. I bought it on AMAZON from the following dealer:

Today I received the blutooth dongle and connected it to the the MPPT charger.

In the app I was ask to make some firmware updates for both the dongle and the MPPT charger.

The dongle update went flawlessly, my MPPT was still working and I was able to connect to it. No error at all.

I was then asked to update the MPPT firmware from V1.13 to V1.52 which I did.

I now get an #116 error, telling my MPPT is faulty and need replacement.

I’ve read the forums and saw several cases with the same problem. Apparently there is no easy fix displayed on the forums for that particular problem.

It’s now winter in France, I’m 100% off-grid, and I can’t charge my battery because of… an update. I’m going to run out of power in a few days.

What should I do now?

Thanks for your replies.


MPPT Controllersfirmware updateerror
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Unit can be replaced.

See error #116

It was not a fault of the update, the update just allowed the error to be reported.

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Sorry for my late reply.

I had to find and set a temporary solar charger first.

This morning I contacted the seller of the faulty product. I’m waiting on his reply. I will keep you in touch when I get more infos.

Thanx for the kind help.

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I just re read he post i totally missed the 8 years.Usually it is covered for 5 years only. I am sorry i misread it as months on that point there.

You can still try for an RMA there is something in this thread about that

If the seller does not respond it is possible to get in touch with the dealer through the support page.

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