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Couple of questions from a new owner

#1 in my vrm.victronenery portal, under devices I don't see my battery/s (have 2 x Pylontech US2000 plus's) I am using the non Pylontech supplied cable. the Victron is getting comms/data from the batteries.

#2 I have 2 x MPPT 150/35's. I see both, any chance I can modify the label shows to something that I will understand better, ie to which PV array they are connected.

#3 I have 2 temperature sensors shown in devices, from where does this data come from, the batteries, same as #2, can I give it a personal label, assume to figure out which is which, simplest is to shut one battery down and see which temp disappear ?

#4 assume the VE.Bus System is the MultiPlus II, again, any way to give it a personal label.

#5 The CarloGavazzi ET112, I can see data inside the VRM site and in the remote console views, but I don't see a cable plugged into either of the comm ports, huh, how's this possible ?

#6 Under advance I can see many grass that can be selected, can I create some custom groupings, aka I select a name and multiple pre configured graphs get selected and data retrieved/displayd.

#7, I can see via Remote console where to selected mqtt under settings/services, I know the IP of my VenusGX, is there a username/password to select, what's the QoS, whats the next option suddenly shown "NMEA2000" ?


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Hello Georgelza,

Thanks for taking the time to write out those questions, unfortunately the answers will not be easily found by others in the future.

Please create a new post for each question.

Also please take the time to read the rest of the community guidelines.

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