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Where is lowbat cutout on Cerbo GX or do I need a Victron Smart Battery Protect?

I have a 24v system using these components:

  • 24v system, comprised of twelve 6v 235ah batteries in series and parallel, flooded lead acid
  • VE Multiplus 24v 3000w inverter
  • VE Smartshunt (external bat monitor hooked up here)
  • VE Cerbo GX
  • VE 100/50 MPPT Charge Controller
  • 11,500 starting watts, 9,000 running watts generator
  • 4 Longi 370w 75 cell panels

I'm curious about the lowbat cutout and how to set this, and also how to set an alarm that the low bat cutout is approaching AND for the alarm to inform me in some personal way, via SMS if at all possible. So, my question is am I setting up the lowbat cutout when I'm selecting the Discharge Floor percentage? If so, how do I setup the alarms and notifications to myself, OR do I need to purchase and install a Victron Smart Battery Protect instead? What is the advantage to installing that product or does the Discharge Floor percentage already let me do the same things that the Victron Smart Battery Protect will let me do?

Thanks Community! You're the best part of Victron (oh, and the tech).

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Guessing by low battery cut out you want the multiplus to stop inverting.

This control hasn't yet been added to the Cerbo or VRM. You need a pc/laptop, VE Configure software (free download) and a Mk3 to USB adapter. This allows you to program the multiplus settings. There are alarms accessible in the software. As well as the ones in the Cerbo.

Discharge floor is used for time to go calculations. Not to control the inverter.

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