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Energy Meter Capability

I currently have a full Victron system (soup to nuts) on our sailboat. We use SmartShunts to monitor power output of a wind generator and one of the small solar banks that cannot be supported by a Victron MPPT. They work great.

I am currently installing an Electromaax 24V/160A high output alternator on our main engine. It is externally rectified and controlled, assisting with heat management and charging of the Victron LFP bank (24V/600Ah). The installation requires two shunts for system monitoring: 1) The main system shunt for the battery bank on the negative side and 2) A secondary shunt on the positive output side of the rectifier (used as an Energy Meter as well for the Alternator). Both are Victron Smart Shunts 500A/50mV.

It appears the Smart Shunt on the positive output side is no longer working. Maybe it is a defect or damage caused by myself during transport/install/etc.

My question. Does anyone see a potential cause for failure based on the layout (output side + of the alternator)? This is the first piece of blue equipment with a short lifespan and it makes me wonder if the install is to blame.

Thank you all for your insight.

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