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Raspberry Pi4 & Venus OS Large - Victron MPPT (sanity check)


I am planning to install a Raspberry Pi 4B with Venus OS to monitor my setup in the motorhome via 2 x VE.Direct to USB for the MPPT & Smartshunt and a MK3-USB for the Multiplus.

The question relates to my planned setup as outlined above (and a sanity check in case there is something that I have missed or am not aware of) and lastly comms between the MPPT and the Smartshunt post deployment.

Current setup is a single Sterling Power 120Ah LiFePO with internal BMS with charging when the engine is running through a Sterling Power B2B. DC power monitoring is via a Victron Smartshunt and solar is managed by a Victron 75/15 MPPT with both being networked using VictronConnect. The inverter/charger is a Victron Multiplus 12/1600/70.

The MPPT has a BT dongle connected to the VE.Direct port which I will need to disconnect for the VE.Direct to USB cable. So the question is will the MPPT monitor DC loads via the Venus OS?

Any comments appreciated.

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There were no comments from the community so I continued as planned. I am writing this for reference to anyone else planning similar.

All has gone well and the MPPT is communicating through the OS / Multiplus (I have left the Multiplus as passive rather than enabling DVCC and then configuring it as an active controller).



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Similar to yourself I am in the process of completing our minibus conversion with Victron equipment. Initialy I intend to use the Victron controller to get everything up and running and then swap to my Raspberry pi 3B. The Victron setup I have is a Cerbo GX controller, Multiplus 3KVA 24V, MPPT solar controller, 12V/24V Smart charger, VMS Battery controller, 500A shunt, GX controller. These are all linked and will run initially through the Victron controller. There is other Victron equipment to serve the 12V/24V systems but not controlled.

Unfortunatly the Raspberry pi does not have any on-board analogue channels so I have built the Victron HAT design with a few changes and have to yet test it. This was done because I have 3 level gauges in Grey, Black and freshwater tanks. This function is taken care of by the Victron Cerbo controller but unsure if there is any Venus software released yet to allow coms with the Cerbo?

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