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Multiplus Inverter "Low battery voltage and excessively high load."

My Multiplus inverter is showing the error code for Low battery voltage and excessively high load. It has been working fine for months but is suddenly throwing this error when I tried to use my 1800 Watt Air Fryer. I unplugged the airfryer and reset the inverter a few times, but it is still throwing this error. The battery voltage looks good and the batteries are fully charged, so I'm not sure what would be causing this error. I've used the air fryer 50 times before and never had an issue. Checked all fuses and breakers and everything looks good, but I feel like I must be missing something because how can it be saying excessively high load when there is now no load at all?

We were able to get the outlets connected to work again by connecting the inverter to shore power, but as soon as this was unplugged the outlets stopped working again.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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first I would check the battery terminals and all leads for oxidation of the current carrying surfaces. Also check the fuse in the inverter (if fitted). You don't give details about the inverter rating / operating voltage. If the inverter persists in giving this error with no load and good input voltage, then there is damage to the inverter.

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Not necessarily. The BMS could be disconnecting a battery. With lithium and low voltage errors the problem child is often Mr battery.
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Thanks Mike, its a Multiplus 120v 3000w, running off of 4 ReLion 100ah LiFePo4 batteries. Do you know where the internal fuse would be located?

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