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Is it possible to restart Quattro automatically using a generator after an overload?

In our three phase Quattro system, we have both grid power and generator power available. Sometimes when the grid power is connected, the power being used is more than the capacity of the inverter. When the grid switches off, the inverters can go into overload if the power being used is close to or exceeding the capacity of the inverters. The generator is automatically started in that situation, but the inverter will not restart because the error must be manually cleared. When it does restart, it starts in inverter mode and then changes to generator. Is it possible to configure the inverters to restart automatically in passthru mode after the generator has started? As it is, the generator is started but because the inverters cannot restart it just burns fuel doing nothing until the system is reset.

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once a inverter overloads 3 times you have to turn the on off switch off then back on. to clear the error

so unless you can do that by some sort of timer relay thats triggered on a generator start there is nothing you can do.

downside is if you did this is that there would be a power off and then on again every time the gen was started.

as far as I know anyway

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@Paul B , It doesn't seem like the inverter is overloading three times, that may be another issue. Usually it happens when the grid switches off, and it doesn't seem to try three times. I've found that I can clear the error without using the switch with the remote console. Is there some way to program that to happen after an error code? Another problem is that the inverters always start first and switch to generator, I want the inverters to start in passthru mode to avoid the same overload situation.
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Hi there.

How do you reset the inverter remotely? Do you use the VRM or a physical remote screen?

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You can use the remote console in VRM or the local network. Under the Quattro device there should be an option to reset.

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