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Bluetooth BR/EDR bluetoothctl


I had already started another post, but I think it is better to start a new one after my new findings.

I have the following problem:

I want to connect my ANT BMS to my Raspberry Pi4 via Bluetooth (Venus OS Large 2.90). The ANT BMS uses Bluetooth BR/EDR.

In Bluetoothctl I only find Bluetooh LE devices (Low Energy).

When I connect a bluetooth dongle, I find the desired BR/EDR device in hciconfig/hcitool.

It seems to me that bluetootctl under Venus OS only uses the onboard bluetooth controller under hci1 and does not allow any others. The dongle can be found under hci0.

This is not really the problem, because the Rpi4 with Raspberry Pi OS finds the BR/EDR device immediately with the onboard BT controller.

My possible solutions are as follows:

Venus OS also allows BR/EDR devices to be found / connected, or it would be possible to use dongles connected via USB in bluetootctl (the dongle is not recognised under bluetoothctl on a Pi2 without integrated controller, but it is recognised under hci).

Can anyone say anything about this?



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