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Venus OS on Raspberry Pi - Bluetooth problem

Hey guys,

in the past i used a raspberry pi3/4 to connect via bluetooth to my ANT bms to collect the data and send them to my mqtt broker.

The ANT bms has 2 MAC's for bluetooth.

1x default

1x BLE

If i use Venus OS (standard and large) the bluetoothctl (via SSH) found only the BLE one, but not the default one - if i go back to raspberry pi os it would be found out of the box in bluetoothctl.

I dont want to run 2 raspberries (1 for venus os and 1 for bms to mqtt) to get the data in the venus os one.

Can anyone help pls?

Thanks in advance,



tried a bluetooth dongle -> hci shows it and hcitool scan found the device.

but bluetoothctl dont show the dongle :/

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