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Smart Solar won't connect to Venus OS on raspberry pi

I Have a raspberry pi running Venus osV2.72~4 (candidate). [I've also tried this with 2.71 and 2.72 release versions - but these don't have the Bluetooth menu]. The problem is that the MPPT Smart Solar 100/50 is not recognised either by VE direct or Bluetooth. Both the Smart Solar and the Pi are visible in the Victron connect app on my phone. I can understand (possibly) the MPPT not appearing on VE direct as the interface may have some problem (- it's giving some strange results with another app, but most of the data is there) but why is the MPPT not connecting by Bluetooth? Is this a known issue with the Venus OS on the Pi?

Also, Why does the Bluetooth menu on the LAN remote console not have a "scan" button like all other Bluetooth apps? This would add some confidence that the OS is actually going looking for the Bluetooth signal....

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It is not possible to 'Bluetooth pair' a Victron product with a GX device (be it a genuine Victron device such as a CerboGX or a RPi setup). The Bluetooth functionality on a GX device is limited to connection with a Bluetooth device (like a phone or tablet) for setup, etc.

The only way to interface a SmartSolar MPPT is via the VE.Direct interface (or VE.Can if it is a VE.Can model). And since you are using a RPi, you will need a VE.Direct to USB adaptor cable, which I expect you already know.

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it would be nice if this was possible...

Looks like the VD direct adapter will need to be replaced.

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