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Venus OS and Data Collection from Victron Device(S)

I have successfully connected my Venus OS on a RPI to an MPPT 100/30 and am Transmitting data to the VRM on Victrons servers.

The environment is a Van / Motorhome
I have a MPPT 100/30 (non-bluetooth) and a BMV-712 (Bluetooth) plus a Victron Smart Battery Monitor (Bluetooth)
My understanding is that I can get another USB connector to plug into the BMV and the RPI and that will give me SOC of the battery
However, how could I measure temperature ?
My Smart Battery Sense measures temperature of the batteries and transmits it via BT

Is there ever going to be an integration of the VE BT Network into the Venus OS on the RPI ?

Is there anyway I can obtain the temperature information from the Smart Battery Sense and transmit it to the VRM ?


Venus OSRaspberry PiBluetoothSmart Battery Sense
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I've also bought a Smart Battery Sense. I can see the temperature in the MPPT on bluetooth, but the Cerbo GX won't display it in VRM. This has been an obvious FAIL for THREE YEARS! Come on Victron, WHEN are you going to fix this !!
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