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PV ESS with Pylontech - Multiplus IIs are charging and inverting in parallel / meaning of LEDs


I am operating a PV ESS with 3-phase MultiPlus II 5000, 6 Pylontech US5000 batteries, Cerbo GX and 2 MPPT RS 450. Whole load is on AC1 out, grid is feeding AC in. System is working fine, ESS is in Optimized mode. PV Charger and Batteries are feeding power into the Multiplus IIs, to reduce/eliminate grid usage. Status in remote console is looking fine, however I am wondering about the status leds on the 3 Multiplus II devices and ask myself if they are configured correctly.

1) Multiplus Charger is always in Bulk (or absorption) mode (Bulk Led is yellow), although system is discharging the battery. I have feeling that the multiplus II are spending more energy than necessary (more 50 Hz sound) to run the charger in standby with 0A. Shouldn't the charger be off and come into operation only when battery SOC is below Minimum SOC (as set in ESS settings)? how to achieve that? grid setpoint is 70W, but anyhow AC out load is higher.

2) In the same situation, the Inverter On leds on the Multiplus II are on or blinking on, it is changing all the time. What does the the blinking Inverter On mean? On all 3 phases, AC out is consuming more power than taken from the grid, additional power is coming from batterie or MPPT. I have no grid feed in set, and there are no AC current limits set. what is the difference between inverter on led being on and being blinking?

Many thanks for helping me to optimize my system!

Best regards

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Have you looked at the victron toolkit app for the explanation of what the LED's mean?

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thanks for suggesting this nice app!

mains + bulk + blinking inverter means "feed in with PV power bulk". maybe difference between (mains on + bulk on + inverter on) and (mains on + bulk on + inverter flash) is inverting less or more than approx. 200 W..

However the question remains how I can deactivate bulk charge mode on Multiplus II devices until batteries are below minimum SOC.

thx Peter

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