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Phoenix 12/50 Missing in the manual...

Hey there,

I'm new to being a boat owner and therefore to the charger I bought with that boat. It's a good charger i hear because it's a Victron energy charger. Now the thing is, I am not a complete novice when it comes to electricity and so I noticed whoever did the electrical system in my boat, did not do a very meticulous job. I am going to do a better job.
So I read the manual of my charger and I am left with a few questions. Some because I've not been working with DC very much. I cannot find the answers in the manual at this moment.

1. The trickle charge to starter battery is not being used at the moment. There is not much information on the trickle charge circuit in the manual. What type of cable is advised over a two meter distance?
2. I assume, but I don't like that because assumption is known to be the mother of let's say, very big mistakes, the trickle charge circuit is also controlled by the microprocessor and will be able to keep the starter battery charged over a long period of time without overcharging it. Is that correct?
3. The manual says the full charging current is 'divided in two main outputs'. Does that mean I can use both outputs on one battery, as I have only one? I don't seem to be able to remove an output cable without breaking the factory standard.
4. At this moment the 'voltage sense' circuit is not connected, yet the charger moves from bulk, to absorption, to float. Is there any good reason, and I assume there is, to finally start using that circuitry?
5. The temperature sense circuit is not in use. The manual says a sensor comes with every charger. Yet I find no sensor. Looking at the connection diagram, I assume the mentioned sensor is on the board. So just to be sure, is there a separate device that is the temperature sensor? And what type of cable should I use?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me improve the electricity on my new classic second hand boat.

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What model Phoenix charger? Hint there's multiple models.

Post a picture or a link to your charger.

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