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Vehicle setup with comms

Is there a simple way to get information from the following components in a vehicle installation which is then easy to visualize?

- Starter battery with house battery

- MPPT for solar charging

- AC charger (is Phoenix Smart better then BlueSmart)

- Orion DC-DC for charging from starter

- ONLY DC loads - no inverter

So how do we go about assisting the client in understanding where and how their charging is coming from and what their loads are?

The Cerbo makes sense, but both Phoenix Smart and Orion don't have comms to the Cerbo

Would a Smart Shunt positioned a) between batteries and b) on the house battery help? But then can they both relay info the Cerbo screen?

While the Cerbo works well with larger systems with inverters and generators / grid, is there something similar for smaller vehicle installations?

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