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Orion-tr setiings for charging ultimatron Lifepo4

HELLO, I have a question about the lifepo4 ultimatron battery and the use of the DC-DC orion charge

I looked at the warning history and there are a lot of overvoltage cells


and I charge it with orion and sometimes with mppt smartsolar sun according to these settings



I measured 14.4V directly on the battery with the engine started

it also happens to me that even if I drive for maybe 2-3 hours, the battery shows 100%, but the Orion is still in the Bulk charge phase and is still charging with a current of 30A

can you advise me where I am doing wrong in the settings? I would hate to damage the battery.

Thank you very much. Jiři

Lithium Batteryorion-tr smartsmart mppt
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