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How to combine 3 resistive tanklevel senders to 1 quantity with the Cerbo GX

Hello, on our boat 1 of the 2 engines is receiving fuel from 3 interconnected fuel tanks. The other engine only has 1 fuel tank supplying fuel. All tanks have resistive tank level senders that are connected to a Cerbo GX. With the engine supplied by multiple tanks, when all tanks are full, the 2 higher located tanks will empty first by keeping the lowest tank full. All 3 tanks have a different maximum volume. Only the lowest tank is connected to this engine.

Is it possible to combine the 3 fuel levels to 1 fuel level indication for this engine? For example, can I combine the 3 indications with a software solution (SIgnal K?) to to a virtual tank indicating the total remaining value for this engine? And can this (combined) value made available on a NMEA 2000 network, so it will display on a plotter?

cerbo gxtank monitor
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