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Split phase 24/5000/120 dual Quattros with single phase-240v generator

My current motorhome system uses two 24/5000/120 Quattros wired in split phase, these are fed from a Lynx BMS & distributor from five 25.8v Victron Lifepo batteries. I do not have any 240v loads to power. The motorhome has a 50 amp shore power connection and my generator is a 240v single phase Cummins Onan 8000QD (two same phase 33 amp feeds).

I have unselected grouping for L2 and set the input limits for shore power to 50amps and generator to 30amps. My power assist factor is set at 0.9. With the generator running the master Quattro connects to the generator mains and provides passthrough power and battery charging. The slave unit never switches from inverter mode. Is there a way to also have the slave unit connect to the generator mains? From the generator, I have wired the Quattrros with the black leg and split neutral going to the master Quattro and the red leg and split neutral go to the slave Quattro.

When connected to shore power, everything works as expected. The L1 and L2 values show on the Cerbo GX Touch screen and under Victron Connect (MK3 connection). When connected to the generator feed, nothing shows on the Cerbo GX and under Victron Connect, the AC2 shows connected, but doesn't have any other information. The outgoing L1 and L2 show values under both connections.

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quatros in split phase then they qre 120V units?

If gen is 240V single phase then how did you connect it to 120V quattro units?

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