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Two different Lynx Shunt, one bus, one Cerbo

I have two different battery banks and two Lynx Shunt.

Both are visible with the Cerbo GX with ID 0 and 1, and also seen in VRM

But for the moment only one bank/shunt can be monitored.

How to get the two Lynx Shunt be monitored ?

I also have a VE.Can/NMEA cable and it is unusable. Data from both shunts are seen under Battery Bank 0 by different NMEA displays, instead of Battery Bank 0 and Battery Bank 1.

Any help will be welcome.

cerbo gxlynx shuntNMEA 2000 - N2K
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I have the same issue and tried both Actisense and Maretron config to change instance etc. but only one bank can be monitored over N2K.

Any progress so far?


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Unfortunately not...
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Here is an example of what is happening on the NMEA bus.

The two Lynx speak at the same time on the bus. But curiously there is a Battery Bank 1 indicating the same voltage as Battery Bank 0. And only reports the voltage, current and temperature being always empty.


I also add this VRM capture. We can clearly see the first Lynx Shunt with its detailed values and history. On the other hand, the second Lynx Shunt only postpones instantaneous tension and its SOC which is very minimalist. Why this presentation? VRM doesn't know how to manage two Lynx?img-0199.jpeg

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