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Why are most Victron devices not UL or ETL listed?

I emailed USA-CANADA Victron sales to ask for UL listings for the Multiplus-II, Autotransformer, Smartsolar RS, Lynx system and Cerbo GX. The answer I got back was, and I quote

"I don’t have good news on this for you I’m afraid. None of the equipment listed below is UL certified. We are of course looking into that, but there is no definitive timeline for this. [...] We understand the need for sure. It will certainly come, but not in the short term I’m afraid. "

Why not? UL listing, where I live in Colorado, is a must. State electrical inspectors do not accept non-UL/ETL listed devices.

Seems Victron can expand their sales significantly if they aggressively work on UL/ETL listings. In the end, I expect it to be "just" money, their equipment is solid and some of it has passed the UL testing already, but unfortunately none of the components I need.

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Does it make a difference if it is not grid-interactive, i.e. fully off-grid? Also asking about a CO installation

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This is very frustrating for me also. Looks like Schneider is the only decent option, shame as the Victron stuff is nice, has a good community and very good customer aftercare. I am also in the same position trying to dance around locals regs to make stuff comply. I think this is another reason manufacturers are going towards the all in one invertor/charger/mppt route as it avoids a lot of compliance technicalities and involves only certifying one product that basically needs PV in, Battery bank and AC LV out.

Coming off grid completely and staying under 120VDC ELV in PV DC side is the only way to avoid many of the regs that would inhibit using certain Victron products where we live.

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