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VE.BUS Connection - Venus GX and VE.Bus BMS

The VE.BUS BMS manual has a warning stating; "A Digital Multi Control panel must be connected to the VE.Bus BMS. Do not connect a Digital Multi Control panel directly to a Multi or Quattro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)."

I am using a Venus GX connected to "remote panel" port of my VE.Bus BMS. This setup works but I would prefer to connect the Venus GX directly to one of the two VE.Bus ports in my MultiPlus so that the Remote Panel port is accessible for connecting to my MAC which running Victron Connect.

While the warning (highlighted above) doesn't mention Venus GX, I was hesitating to connect the Venus GX directly to the MultiPlus.

Can anyone with a similar system using the VE.Bus BMS share how they have wired the VE.Bus connection for the Venus GX?


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