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Three Battery Banks Walked Into A Bar…


Hi all! I really apologize if this is a stupid question. I have looked all over the Q&A section

of this website and have not been able to find the answer but I am a newbie.

I’m trying to build a pretty uncommon set up. Three battery banks. 2 x 2p16s packs running nominally 102v (powering Elco EP-70s) and a 2p8s pack running 24v (House and HVAC). Ugly whiteboard drawing attached for your amusement. Anyway, I would like to send all the BMS data from all three packs to an MFD via Victron. Cerbo GX or Venus seem capable but seem like they can only see 1 DC power source(?). I am sure I am missing something here…

(Since I am planning to use a 150 x 3.2v LiFePo4 prismatic 302Ah cells I need a BMS which can monitor that large number. I am planning to use REC BMS and will attach a diagram they provide on their website for your enjoyment. I am open to suggestions of a more elegant solution).

Thanks for your help!!


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