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Cerbo GX Storage Full?

Hi everyone,

I have a Cerbo GX installed in a remote system which includes a Multiplus, a few solar chargers and smart Lithium batteries. I have Venus OS Large installed and use Node-Red for some automation.

In general it has worked well and has accomplished what I need. But recently I have noticed some strange behaviours with the Cerbo not doing or reporting what is expected in certain situations.

In Node-Red, now when I go to make a change and redeploy, I get an 'out of space' error like so:

Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, copyfile '/data/home/root/.node-red/flows_einstein.json' -> '/data/home/root/.node-red/.flows_einstein.json.backup'

I can't find any way to actually check and confirm the storage space situation and don't have physical access to the device for a little longer.

Has anyone had storage space issues with the Cerbo before? Why would it have filled up? Log files? And how can I review this?

Any insights appreciated - thanks!

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Kevin Windrem answered ·

It is probably the /data portion causing errors as that's where root's home directory lives.

I had a bug in SetupHelper that failed to prune it's log file and in once case filled up a small (2.5 GB) /data partition. This has been fixed as of v4.8. Most services use a circulating set of 5 log files of limited size so logs should not grow without bound. You can certainly search for the offending file or directory with df on the terminal. Check the man page for options.

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Stefanie answered ·

@Liam Hogan

Few things you can check (you will need root and ssh access to check and make changes to the file system) :

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Thanks @Stefanie!

At the moment I don't have terminal access to the device as it's in a remote installation (I don't think there is any way to do this remotely?) but when I get physical access I will look into this.

I actually only have one flow active. There is a fair bit going on in it but it definitely shouldn't be taking up too much space. I thought I had already expanded the FS but will double check this.

Do you know of any logs or other data generated that would start consuming space on rootfs? I assumed that the Cerbo would have systems in place to automatically manage log storage so that it doesn't run out of space.

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Stefanie avatar image Stefanie ♦♦ liam-hogan commented ·

It can be done remotely, but would require a secure connection (VPN etc.), something one can't setup without experience.

Logs are automatically managed. But no guarantee. Maybe a good idea to check this as well.

I suggest you make yourself familiar with some of the linux commands you will need to check disk space, for example 'df -h' and others. Together with the links posted above this will help troubleshooting it.

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