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Is a battery bank without Venus device possible?

Hallo! First post.

If we have an SMA three phase solar inverter. And now would like to add a battery to store excess production. We have purchased a good 48V battery for this purpose (12 kWh Litium). We have not found and good SMA products for 48V.

We would like to use a Multiplus or Multiplus-II as battery inverter. And to have the possibility of running some appliances on power even at grid outage.

We would like the inverter to charge the battery during solar production. And to discharge it during nighttime. And to always save some capacity as backup for grid failure.

Now we know this is possible with Color control or Venus GX. But is this functionality POSSIBLE with only the Multiplus och Multiplus II? We understand that Color control is a great product. But to me it seems a bit silly to purchase a Color control in this system with only ONE Vectron product :-)

BR TomasF

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If I understand your question above, you'd like to know if you can run a Multi without a CCGX or other Venus device.

The answer is definitely, yes. It runs quite brilliantly without any of those devices. Those devices, do, however, add a good deal of functionality and convenience features that give excellent visibility to your system -its inputs, power, consumption, loads, etc and allows that information to be graphed over time (via VRM) for tracking/diagnosis/planning/etc purposes.

I ran my initial system (single Multi) for quite a while, and derived great value from my CCGX :)

If you skip the CCGX, or similar, you may consider (still optional) the external controller with the rate-limit knob, so you can have remote visibility to the status of the LEDs on the unit.

You can also "roll your own" with a Venus OS install in your own hardware (e.g. RPi)

HTH, and good luck :)

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