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GX touch 50 need (display) flexibility

I have a system realized with several VE products to cover charging and monitoring of a 12V and 24V system. Although I could connect them all to CERBO GX, I was pretty disappointed realizing that the available views (widgets) on GX touch 50 are predefined and not flexible. Therefore, on the main screens, I can monitor the 12V system charging through solar (mppt) and discharging through BMV712. But I can also see the inverter part, which I don't have in my system. On the other hand, I cannot display data on the 24V battery system that is monitored via another BMV712 (connect to CERBO GX). Also, on the main screen screen I must see tank level status although I don't have tank sensors attached, but I can't see temperatures for the sensors that I have attached. So, this is a question for VE stuff. Are you considering providing more display flexibility (main screen displays) in some future firmware releases for GX touch?

Kind regards, Alberto.

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