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VRM bug displaying voltage units as percent (%)

When viewing the history graph on VRM, if you mouseover any of the points it shows the values for that data point. When displaying Battery Voltage Range it shows voltage with % units. This is confusing and incorrect, it should show V for volts. It would also be nice if it displayed 2 decimal places as voltage information as a whole number is not very useful.

See below, it shows 25% - 26% - This should be 25V - 26V (and even better would be 2-decimals)



VRMbug report
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tried to replicate, but I didn't get the same lines in the mouse over. No voltage range for instance. I think you're showing this from the dashboard history? Maybe it depends on what equipment is installed.

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Yes exactly, this is from the dashboard history.

I think you're onto something regarding the equipment. The install for this bug only has a SmartShunt. My other installs have more equipment and do not have this bug (or same display).
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They've released a lot of enhancements into VRM recently. Like the dark mode you're using. It'll be reported as a bug, might take a while to fix.
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I don't mind however long it takes, just want to make sure it gets added to a list somewhere. You're saying this will be documented as a bug? Love all the new features, especially dark mode. Thanks!

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Yes, I added it to the bug list.
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