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Small trailer/caravan SmartSolar/BMV-712 setup/monitoring question

I have a small travel trailer/caravan, so space is at a premium, and planning on a SmartSolar, BMV-712, Orion Tr (although not connectable, unfortunately), management/connectivity/settings connectivity. I thought I could just hook up the VE.Direct beween the SmartSolar and the BMV-712, and the BMV-712 would connect and log and make accessible all of the data to the App for monitoring and control. While doing some reading/research, I'm starting to think this isn't the case.

For the SmartSolar, would I then need the VE.Direct BT Dongle, and have the app be connected to both?

Alternatively I came across the Venos OS, your Linux based distro of what's in the GX line of monitoring components. Kudos to you for opening this up!!!! I'm not sure it makes sense for me though, even as DIY as I am, since this is for a small travel trailer/caravan which I'm not going to constantly be using. Regularly, yes, but not constantly. In addition, the solar is going to be ground-mount, so not accessible full-time. I suppose I could put a little 10-15W panel in one of the windows to get some battery maintainer stuff, and program things to activate/disable the SmartSolar to let the battery stay at storage (~70% for LiFePO4 by preference) to offset the (very low) RPi power draw. Obviously I could get a non-BT BMV model and 2 VE.Direct -> USB then. If I were to go this route, I presume I could still use the Victron phone App to connect via BT to the RPi and do all the settings/management/etc as I'd expect to be able to?

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