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best screen device for remote monitoring

I have Quattro, BMV712 and VenusGX in my battery room and will EoP communicate with house 100 metres away.

What is the best screen device for viewing the monitoring data?

I try to avoid apple devices - is a samsung pad OK to run the VictronConnect ?

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JohnC answered ·

Hi again Daniel. At the house end of that EoP link you won't need VC. Essentially just something with a browser, if you already have a lan setup in the house. VC is for fooling in the shed. :)

Our esteemed 'moderator' Guy Stewart asked just this to see what others were doing in that situation:

I just use my trusty Win10 laptop, but your available choices are numerous.

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Thanks John

I saw that but could not understand much of it as it appeared to head into 'nerd' territory..

And anyway, why would a Victron moderator be asking such a question, does he know being a Victron employee? Some of the questions and answers are coming out of left field and difficult to follow as to intent and honesty in addressing the issue...

Sometimes the moderator refuses to deal with the subject and simply demands that the question be asked as a new question which is then ignored, so I can only assume that Victron use this as a tactic to avoid the question and thereby avoid providing any response in support of their products.

Sometimes the Victron staff member appears to be ignorant of what Victron actually sell themselves....

It is totally wierd that a simple product such as a BMV712 comes with a book of instructions but a complicated product such as VenusGX comes with nothing and then the on line instructions are extremely sparse and almost devoid of any logical explanation.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ daniel1957 commented ·

Ha no Dan. There's no conspiracy, nothing sinister happening. This forum is pretty new, and it's also designed to become a reference point for answer seekers by clicking on a 'Topic' relevant to them - so you'll often see 'Accepted Answer' lifted to the No 1 answer spot so that will summarize the thread for the time-poor answer seekers. Guy may do that himself to tidy up, but question posters are very much encouraged to 'accept' answers if they're satisfied with them.

With such a huge product range, of high capability, no one Victron staffer can be expected to know it all. Even Matthijs, the Head Honcho, will often say "I'll check and get back to you". That answer may come via he or even a firmware coder or somesuch person considered the expert, but it does happen.

If you click on the little 'pawnbroker-like' symbol, then 'Users', you'll spot mvader as the secondmost prolific poster here. Victron help doesn't come higher-level than that, and I remain suitably impressed by the level of his direct involvement.

Guy also appreciates help with published info, manuals, etc. But it's amazing what google can turn up if you're looking for something Victron specific.

And if you post an email address in your profile, you may get direct help as well.

Stay Charged pal, but relax too.. :)

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ JohnC ♦ commented ·

Spot on @JohnC

I am only new at Victron, still less that one year "working", and still only 1-2 days per week.

I become involved through helping out as a volunteer who used Victron products at the old Disqus. Eventually Matthijs and I agreed that as the company was growing that we could do something better and the Victron Community site was born.

Matthijs, I and everyone who works at Victron also wants the documentation for everything to be better. That was part of the idea for the community. So when we do some research and find an answer, others can also learn from it. And also knowing that it's not just Victron workers that have answers but everyone, and they should be feeling free to contribute what they know, so we can all learn and teach each other.

Victron's price list has over 800 items in it. It is simply impossible for a single person to know everything about them all. The company is making so many daily improvements that even if you somehow knew everything today, you would be behind again tomorrow.

Daniel1957, Most of the questions people ask here I personally do not know the answer to, but they nearly always get an answer. We now have 1886 answered questions and only 60 unanswered questions. We usually have that to zero unanswered every couple of weeks or so. So sometimes there is a wait, and sometimes it comes immediately.

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daniel1957 avatar image daniel1957 JohnC ♦ commented ·

Thanks JohnC

"Relax" - yes, reading Guy's response has certainly allowed me to "relax" somewhat.

"Charged" - staying charged is no issue as I have a huge storage capacity and PV charging capability. I have a 30kva generator but only use it once every couple years when running a welder for extended periods, the rest of the time the inverter copes with everything more than adequately.

Display - so the answer is anything with WiFi and browser capability?

- I was considering buying an iPad and glueing it to the wall but then I have an android 64 gb Lenovo Pad which is currently not used for much so that will do the job perfectly.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ daniel1957 commented ·

Yep, at the house end of that ethernet link from the shed, it's all your choice. A browser, (wifi or cable linked) is all you need. And I highly recommend you sign in to the VRM portal and let your VGX do it's thing. Data use is minimal, and you'll be stunned by what you see. More learning curve, but you'll be glad you didn't send it back.

My "Stay Charged" greeting is just something I do. It means 'Have a great day, and may your (Victron) system continue to perform flawlessly'. I wish it upon you again, and may you see the intrinsic value of the forum, continue to use it, and contribute too if you can.

Cheers, John.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ daniel1957 commented ·

Regarding the VGX manual, as aside from the screen and and some of the physical interfaces, they are otherwise so similar that the CCGX manual can often be used in its place.

I have added a note to start of the VGX manual with the same point.

Unlike the simple BMV, both CCGX and VGX are complex, dynamic products and the manuals are in very active revision.

The devices are 90% software and 10% hardware, so maintaining multiple* comprehensive manuals separately is also asking for trouble.

*There is also the Octo GX and the CANvu GX, in the same situation.

I am always championing for constant improvement of the documentation inside Victron, and Matthijs is also 100% supportive.

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daniel1957 avatar image daniel1957 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks Guy, appreciate the response.

Now that I know the procedure with forum support I will be more patient.

I was at the stage of returning the VGX for refund despite loosing 30% in the process but will now following your advice perserve with it.

I will go and look at the CCGX manual...

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