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CT clamp energy meter via ethernet for multiplus ii single phase (UK)

I'm finding it hard to get facts on the following.

On the ESS manual it states there is a CT clamp sensor EM24 I think, bit I can't find any reference to the fact it uses CT clamps, rather than being an inline sensor.

The document states you can use the 3 phase version for a single phase, again when you find the product online it's got no reference to this.

Has anyone got any experience here?

  • I need to not interfere with the meter wiring.
  • Want to self consume and not feed in.
  • Consumer box 20m as the wire runs from MP2 location
  • Thus ethernet or serial if I can extend it is needed.
  • Also an option to use Arduino to sense and relay over Ethernet a standard CT clamp.

My next question while anyone is listening,

Can I schedule battery charging between 0000 and 0700 only with the MP2 GX / with a cerbo ?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerEnergy Meterem24ethernet
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The EM24 can be used in single phase, you simply use L1 and configure it in the Cerbo as a single phase meter. I have done this before, but I was not using CTs.

The EM24 comes in different versions, one of which is a version which uses CTs. Model number: EM24DINAV53DISX. Victron don't sell this variant directly, but that part number should lead you to a local supplier who'll probably stock the CT's too.
RS or Farnell are stockists which first spring to my mind.

For more information about the EM24 meters and how to wire them to the Cerbo etc. then use this link:

Also the Energy Meters start page:

You need the RS485-USB cable for wired connection. RS-485 should go 20m no problem, but you will need to employ terminators at each end over that length. The standard lengths are 1.8m and 5m but you can extend with twisted pair cable:
This very cable is also available at RS or Farnell.

EM24 doesn't come in an Ethernet version AFAIK.

Yes, in ESS, scheduled charging options are available.
I have Octopus Go tariff, so I only get 4 hours between 0030 and 0430 to get the hammer down.


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Thanks! Very helpful!

Also, i have been researching on my desktop and not on my phone and i have go slightly further with getting to the bottom of the EM24DINAV53DISX CT vs non CT version.


From the Datasheet shows what looks like 2 seperate models.

Very confusingly, they dont seem to have a different model number, and i cant see if it comes with some sort of module you can swap out by default.

Thanks to my desktop searching, I have finally found what looks like the CT version for sale.. but it says its about to be discontinued...

They still describe the single product wiht both 65A or CT with no reference as to how to know which one you will be getting!


This Image cryptically implies AV5 and 6 are CT clamp, 2 and 9 are not... again, mixed information.

Anyway, its clear as mud. I might just have to buy one and see what turns up.

Ill keep posting to this thread as I go as it seems there is absolutely nothing out there at the moment so maybe this will be helpful.

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@Tompeel Also to aid with your research there is their website called, no joke:

Here you can do more of a parametric search of the Carlo Gavazzi products. It's still a terrible website, it must have taken multiple meetings to come up with that domain name, but it might help.

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