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Has anyone found a LTE-M modem that can be used with a CerboGX? I looked at the Global Link 520 and its an odd critter, extremely limited use cases and almost no functionality based on what their data sheet says, not even GPS. I looked at the GX-LTE-A but its sheet says nothing about LTE-M. AT&T is selling LTE-M unlimited data plans for $30 a Year. (not a month) so that is a compelling option for updating VRM from a CerboGX. -Bill

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And no it does not have GPS but it does show a rough location based on the nearest cell tower that you are connected to.
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Hi @bigbillsd, the Global Link 520 is not a general purpose LTE modem. It is a specialised device designed to be part of the IoT (internet of things) model within the mobile networks. This uses a very different part of a mobile network for communication, LTE Cat-M1. It is not an old critter and is not designed to be used with the Cerbo, but direct with a device that has a physical VE.Direct port, and work anywhere in the world.

I am surprised you are looking to hook the Cerbo to an LTE-M IoT network. There are constraints imposed on IoT networks and not designed for normal internet use.

The GX-LTE-A will work on channels 2, 4 and 6 which cover most of the major frequencies and works fine with the Cerbo.

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Yup, like I wrote that 520 is an odd device, not an old device. I have seen nothing that shows that an LTE-M1 modem wouldn't work for a Cerbo implementation. And with an AT&T Unlimited M1 account for $30 a "year" I bet it would work just fine to keep VRM updated. Probably be a bit slow for Remote Console, but better than nothing I would bet. That GL520 takes the place of a cerbo but with only a couple VE Direct connections, it just seems like it should have had more VE direct connections for the price. -Bill

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As of this week the GL520 can also connect with Victron smart BLE devices as well and works with up to 10 devices without the need of any subscription. It's meant to connect smaller installations directly to

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