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GlobalLink field test firmware v2.06-beta-129

UPDATED 2022-06-17: new version, v2.06-beta-129. Changes below.

Dear all,

We're currently field testing a firmware version of our GlobalLinks (see website) with some quite significant improvements:

  1. Read data from Victron products using Bluetooth. This increases the max number of connectable Victron products from 2 to 10.
  2. Read data (wirelessly) from RuuviTags. These are small battery powered temperature sensors, see
  3. Allow inserting your own SIM. This is useful in areas/countries which do have LTE-M coverage, but not by the operator we are using, which is 1nce.

Also it:

  1. Allows labelling the digital inputs with a name, as well as the products connected via VE.Direct or Bluetooth. This name is then visible on VRM. No more need to remember by heart which input is used for what.
  2. Added all RS products to the list of supported ones.

Changes per v2.06-beta-129 (compared to earlier v2.06-beta-122

  • Fix issue that made GlobalLink show up greyed out in VictronConnect, and unable to connect.
  • Add feature to exchange keys over BLE when connecting with a VE.Direct cable. This allows an easy setup: connect the products briefly using VE.Direct, and thereafter that cable can be removed since BLE key exchange has happened.



To load this new (beta!) firmware version, there two options:

  1. Go to VRM -> The installation -> The Device List. There unfold the gateway and you'll see the option.
  2. Connect to the GlobalLink using the VictronConnect App, using BLE, and there change the feed to the Beta one.

Connecting a RuuviTag

To connect a RuuviTag, connect using VictronConnect; and you'll see a list of Ruuvis in range, enable the ones you want to have monitored. Note that doing those via VRM is not possible. You'll have to be on site and using VictronConnect.

Connecting a Victron product wirelessly

And to connect a Victron product wirelessly, first you need to update the VictronConnect to the latest firmware version, only available via the recent VictronConnect Beta version for now. See here for how to get that: Make sure to read this post as well.

Then using VictronConnect App, connect to the Victron Product that you want to have linked to the GlobalLink wirelessly; and enable the Broadcast feature.

Now, step 3, open VictronConnect on your phone or tablet, connect to the GlobalLink. Go the Settings, and there is a new menu called "Smart Devices". Follow the instructions there. Note that

Looking forward to your feedback! In my opinion, all above is really a game changer wrt the value offered by the GlobalLink.

Best regards, Matthijs.

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safiery answered ·

This is a game changer.

1) One small issue that occurred twice was the Global Link could not be reconnected with bluetooth. See the greyed out image enclosed. Had to power cycle to extract from that condition.

2) Ruuvi and Solar connected perfectly. The Ruuvi resolution on VRM despite the 15min global link broadcast is valuable.

3) Can you add the VE Bus Smart Dongle? Our 12v OEM packs have the Multiplus II 3000.

4) Can I add the Mopeka Bluetooth we sell?

img-5997.jpg img-6134.jpg

img-5997.jpg (228.5 KiB)
img-6134.jpg (214.8 KiB)
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Thanks @safiery !

Re 1, Greyed out and unable to connect: I have seen the same. But wasn't sure. Now I am - we'll work on that.

Re 2, working well: Good.

Re 3, add ve.bus smart dongle: Yes, in due time. Might take a while (months). Different developer who has different priorities.

Re 4, Mopeka: so you also sell those? Yes, most likely we'll make that work. Not sure yet when we'll do that. First I want Mopeka work in Venus OS to be finished and available.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi @safiery , and others, an update. We released v2.06-beta-129 just now. And it fixes the first issue you had @safiery . So, please check carefully, and in case that ever happens again let me know.
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Johan Eriksson answered ·

VRM and GlobalLink have now become as good in my boat as I had hoped. Now I have full control in VRM on all my Victron Smart devices. Thank you Victron for great features!

Also the new feature that in VictronConnect: see readings immediately on the Device list is good.

I just have a wish that you upgrade so that it is possible to open GlobalLink in VictronConnect with my latest phone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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Thanks @Johan Eriksson , glad you like it. For it to work on that Samsung Galaxy is probably rather difficult (otherwise it would have worked already); and with some luck we'll be able to fix that in a major update we're planning.

But thats far out, many months at least I expect.

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fred111 answered ·

This is a great step forward for the globallink 520, I used to have a router and raspberry pi to monitor my smaller system in a caravan but with this upgrade I wanted to test this simple and low power consumption device instead. I only tested with the beta firmware and used Bluetooth for all connections but I have some problems with the data reported on VRM. Looking in Victron connect the bmv-712 shows the correct soc, voltage and current, but on VRM soc and voltage are correct but current is multiplied by 1000. Instead of 0,5A it shows like 500A. Also the temperature from the bmv712 and used ah is only sent over very periodically.

And in VRM if I look at the solar charger under advanced the data is correct with battery voltage, current and pv yIeld/power all looks fine but on the dashboard it reports total solar as zero.

Did I miss some settings or what can be done to get VRM show the correct values for BMV-712/system current and power and total solar?

The ruuvi tag temp sensors works perfect with GlobalLink so far.

Would it also be possible to get the data from a smart ip22 rev2 charger sent to GlobalLink/VRM in the future?

You have done a great work, using Bluetooth dose the GlobalLink perfect for smaller system without a multiplus like mine. Thanks!

024d1f97-b09a-4c1b-ac7a-ce36e6bcb3fa.pngImage Caption


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Hi @Fred111 thank you for your feedback; we'll look into that.
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fred111 avatar image fred111 mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

Hi @mvader (Victron Energy), thanks for looking in to it. I did some more testing, if I only send data from 1 mppt solar charge controller it shows the correct total solar in Watts but did not update the kWh number during the day. As soon I also selected the second mppt charge controller in Globallink it showed total solar at 0 watts again. The second mppt did not have any solar input so it was not charging at the moment but still expected total solar power on tha dashboard to be the total sum of both mppt charge controllers.

The problem with the BMV-712 current and power being wrong In vrm I couldn’t find a solution for, tried to reset the bmv and disconnect and re connnect to globallink but it was still the same.

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fred111 avatar image fred111 mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi @mvader (Victron Energy) ,

A update, the v2.06-132 fixed the problem with power value from bmv-712 being wrong, that works perfect now but I can still only hav one mppt to get a reading on the dashboard, if I connect a second the value is wrong.

Thanks Fredrik

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ fred111 commented ·
We found the issue for this and we will work on a fix. It does not need a new firmware update as the logic needs to be updated on the server.
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fred111 avatar image fred111 Lasse ♦♦ commented ·


That sounds good with a fix for that, is it also possible to have a lock why the kWh is never updated on the dashboard. Even when I only have one mppt it’s 0 all day. Would be nice if it counted what is collected over the day like the Venus dose.

Do you have any idea why the bmv-712 only rarely send over battery temp and used amp hours, sometimes I can see it but very rarely.

If I can have a wish that I’m missing from the dashboard of the Venus is to se some more details directly on the dasboard: for bmv-712 it shows volt and amp, but would be grate like Venus to also show battery temp and time to go and for mppt to show panel voltage and amps.


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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ fred111 commented ·
Hi @Fred111 ,

We are working on the fix for the MPPT missing kWh data. The data is there but the logic is not correct on the server side. This will be fixed in the coming weeks.

Yes the bmv-712 aux data attribute was in the once per 24h or on reboot list. We have added it to the 15minute interval set.

I will add your requests to our backlog and see if we can add those to the VRM dashboard.

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cloudberry answered ·

Much appreciated update, thanks! Will you at some point add a settings option for the device not to reboot if it cant communicate with VRM (like Venus have)? For us using the relay a reboot causes it to return to its normal state..

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks for your feedback. I have discussed it with the developer. We are working on a mayor update to fix the random reboots but that will take a while longer to implement. The state of the relay is stored but it will revert to its normal state while booting before returning to the stored state.

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mehlers answered ·

I also had a Raspberry with Venus OS running im my camper van - switched to a Globallink yesterday. Running well - including a Ruuvi Sensor. BUT I am missing the MQTT feature of the Venus OS, as I had a connection to my home automation system. Am I too stupid to find it or is it missing? If missing, any chance to add it in any future updates? Best Mischa

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ commented ·
No MQQT support at the moment for connecting to a home automation system. Could you tell me a bit more about what you would like to be able to do? And with what kind of home automation software you are working?
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mehlers avatar image mehlers Lasse ♦♦ commented ·

Sure. I have a camper van outside the house. In summer, no problem recharging the battery with solar. During wintertime, the solar power might not be enough. So I am reading the battery voltage in my home automation system - if too low, I can switch a power socket outdoors and share the camper van from the grid. Home automation is OpenHab with node-red in the background.

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ mehlers commented ·
Thanks for the explanation. You could use the VRM API to read out the battery voltage with OpenHAB? But if you want a full offline system that's not possible yet.
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mehlers answered ·

As this is a beta, I would like to share a little bit of feedback. I only own the Globallink for a week. Installing the beta is flawless - connecting the Ruuvi Sensor and my Smartsolar 75/15 via bluetooth works perfectly. IF is is connected to the LTE-M, the data is transmitted to the VRM as promised every 15 minutes.

BUT (and I am not sure if this is related to the beta or not, as I have not worked with the stable firmware) I am having trouble with connecting to there LTE-M network. As I live in Germany, there are three providers: Telekom, Vodafone and O2. At my house, Telekom has the worst signal - on their webpage they even state, that there is no LTE reception in my area. Unfortunately, the Globallink connects very often to Telekom with a db of -100, while Vodafone and O2 both deliver values in the low 80 or high 70...

Question: how does the algorithm work? Have I missed a setting for a preferred network? Attached you will find the last 24 hours from the VRM - not change has been made in the position of the device during this timeframe. I have no idea, why the device switched from a very reliable Vodafone connection to Telekom later in the evening and switched back to Vodafone this morning...


Remark: at around 18.00 hours I have attached an external antenna...

1656407437867.png (66.9 KiB)
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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ commented ·
We have little or no control over the network that is selected as this logic is build into the modem at the moment. We might be able to add an option to force a preferred network. I will add it to the list.
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mehlers avatar image mehlers Lasse ♦♦ commented ·
Understood - and thanks for the feedback.
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alik answered ·


It's really great update, but my Smart Shunt(500A) doesn't really work via Bluetooth with GlobalLink.

After VE.Direct cable will be unplugged from GlobalLink it will be lost in VRM, but it is still connected via Bluetooth.


Temperatur sensors, SmartSense don't really works too. Lost data to often..

I understand at this is a beta update, but maybe I do something wrong? screenshot-20220718-102653-vrm.jpg

P.s.:Maybe it's a possible to see temperature from Victron SmartSense such as from Ruuvi tags?

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32mike avatar image
32mike answered ·

Love the Bluetooth connectivity. Saved me from buying 2 cables AND I can see more devices - thank you.

One glitch? I’m only getting very sporadic consumed amp hour readings from BMV-712.

One request. Is there a way to have the Smart Battery Sense temperature transmitted through the Globallink to VRM?

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32mike avatar image 32mike commented ·

Are you guys actively working behind the scenes as we post? Either my VRM app is learning from my typing or someone made a change this morning. I’m now seeing the temperature reported in VRM.

71ace84e-9ac1-41d8-af4b-2b1d48bdfd03.jpegThis afternoon

e39a1a6f-f463-4dbc-baf4-e0931aa92203.jpegThis morning

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goboatingnow answered ·

Love the product , I wish there was a standard 3G 4G modem option , as lte-m is missing from several countries.

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mark-woodgate answered ·

I have a Globallink 520 with Beta Firmware. Works well with an external antenna. On my VRM I can see information from my BMV, MPPT and Ruuvi Tag. Email Alarms for Battery capacity working well.

Only problem is the cellular location is not working.

When left to set the location it's self (for Time Zone). It puts the location as in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off Africa. I in fact am in south west England. I set a picture icon for my VRM hoping that would help me see my VRM . On the dashboard map, the generic location pin/tag is located to where I have drag and dropped it when using the location settings menu.

When I set the Geofencing I received the following email From Victron VRM.

""The installation 'VBee global link' has an armed geofence, but there is no GPS data coming in. Check GPS reception and connection, or disarm the geofence alarm on the VRM settings page at:""

I believe Geofence works via cellular network not GPS? Should the GL520 be able to set a VRM location using cellular? My set up is in a van so having Geofence working would be important to me.

I can find no way to sort this in the manual or online.

I hope the above is enough information to get help.

Lastly The Ruuvi Tag has a motion sensor but this information is not available in VRM is there a reason only the temp, pressure and humidity links to VRM

Thanks All.

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john-3 answered ·

I have now the latest beta software (2022-11-13) and my Global Link 520 is no longer grayed out in the VictronConnect app. But I can not connect to it via Bkuetooth it makes like three attempts and

then it stops at 20% and asks me to try several thing that does not help. I have a Galaxy S22+ and I think that thats the problem? My phone connects to BMV-512 and MPPT 75-15 via bluetooth without any problems!?

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