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Lithium / Multiplus - Allow to Charge (low Temp)

Hi All

Set.up (all Victron)-

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Multiplus
  • Venus GX
  • VE.Bus BMS

Situation -

  • temperate on yacht, for days, has beeb above 5c
  • the multiplus was in FLOAT and was keeping batteries at 13.5v
  • temperate on yacht, yesterday morning, dropped below 5c
  • at this time the multiplus stopped charging (in float) and now show BULK on VRM
  • Venus GX is showing in VE.Bus that ATC is NO - makes sense at temp has been <5c
  • the temp inside yacht is now >5c
  • but the ATC is still NO
  • I was expecting the multiplus to start a charging cycle

Questions -

  • is it normal when ATC becomes NO due to <5c for multiplus state to show as BULK even thought is not charging and current to batteries ?
  • I am right to expect the ATC to change to YES - when the temp becomes >5c ?

Thanks all and happy Xmas !


Lithium BatteryVenus GX - VGXmultiplus ve.bus
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1 Answer
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bathnm answered ·

Yes the ATC should enable when the batteries go back over 5c. Do you have the Smart Lithium batteries? If So are you able to connect to them via Bluetooth and see what they say the status is?

I am unable to a answer the first question as that maybe a firmware issue in the Multiplus. What might help is what BMS are you using (VE.Bus BMS?) and what assistant is loaded on the MultiPlus?

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Thanks - yes - Smart Lithium - but am away from yacht and only have access via VRM / remote console. I am using VE.Bus BMS and the mutiplus has the assistant for VE.Bus BMS loaded and running.

Maybe try a VE.Bus System reset under MultiPlus -> Advanced. That might trigger things back into life if something has got stuck. The other one, if you have not already done it, try switching the Multiplus off and back into charge from within the Multiplus menu.